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Frequently Asked Questions.

Please find below some of the questions and answers we get frequently asked.

The ecosystem is open to anyone who wants to play a role and does not exclude anyone except when individual goals clearly come at the expense of common goals. 

Please fill out the partnership form by clicking here.

The partnerhip fee is € 150/year for which you will receive a bill. Partnerships automatically roll over unless unsubscribed 3 months before the end date. Memberships run from 1/1 until 31/12. Subscription can  be done by filling out the form here.

Our partnership includes:

  • Membership of an exciting community on the intersection of health, technology, digitalisation and sport;
  • Invitations to our events;
  • Easy access to experts within the aformentioned fields;
  • Presentation of your company/organisation as one of our partners on our website. For the overview of our partners click here;
  • Where applicable, first hand invitations to participate in initiatives of community partners;
  • Introductions to other community partners at your request;

Each membership includes access for 2 people. Both will receive invitations and both are able to make use of the partnership as described in the FAQ What do I get in return for a partnership.

2 extra people would incur an extra cost of € 100 per year. Please contact us if you would like to receive a tailor made proposal.