About Us

Our Purpose

Realising a community that does unique things that generate economic added value and contribute to finding solutions to some of the social challenges of the present time. We aim to make the environment in which we live and work better, healthier, more attractive and more innovative. This is the focus of the community: we are working at the intersection of health, technology, digitisation and sport.

Impact Gaming

Gaming refers to the game element, the playful and fun nature of what is happening. This  will ensure user engagement and involvement. On the other hand, gaming also has to do with technology and interaction with computer programmes and/or machines e.g. simulators, sensors, measurement and analysis systems on or around the user. It will however always remain ‘serious’ gaming: aiming at changing the behaviour or increase performance of the user.

Impact indicates trying to make a difference: arrive at solutions at the intersection of health, technology, digitalisation and sport. This is achieved by always working to the highest standards, being best in class and scientifically based. Sustainability and circularity are paramount. We will be developing and producing as much as possible within the region and with short supply chains so as to minimise our ecological footprint.


We start from and build on what is already existant; 

We facilitate an ecosystem: business, knowledge institutions, governments and end-users (esporters/athletes/citizens/employees) are brought together online and offline; 

The ecosystem is open to anyone who wants to play a role and does not exclude anyone except when individual goals clearly come at the expense of common goals;

Impact and Gaming are combined with each other; everything that happens within the context of Impact Gaming must have both elements included but the way in which this is achieved can differ from case to case;

We want to use open innovation to arrive at solutions that make a difference in society and for the region. By definition, open innovation happens in collaboration between parties.


Chair: Karl Dittrich, past president Maastricht University, Open Universiteit

Community Manager: Raf Sluismans, CEO RSB Group BV

Diana Langen, CEO Sim Formula Europe BV
Jeroen Trienes, CEO Goal043 BV
Hans Heijnen, CEO Soapbox BV
Andy Maassen, CTO Sim Formula Europe BV